Invest to Get the Best from Disabled Employees

Photo of Helen Cooke

Helen Cooke is the founder and chief executive of MyPlus. Helen joined me for this brilliant conversation about her company which specialises in employment and disability. I met Helen years ago while working at the BBC whilst running the BBC’s disabled staff forum, BBC Ability. I was interested in the employment of disabled people within the corporation and reached out to Helen for some support and advice.

Cyber intelligence consultancy tackling inequalities

Photo of Emily Taylor

In this conversation, I spoke with Emily Taylor, CEO of Oxford Information Labs, known as Oxil. The company is a cyber intelligence consultancy working at the intersection of different disciplines. It is also notable for its own culture of inclusion and a female CEO.

Technology Transforming the Recruitment Funnel

Photo of Helen McGuire

Helen McGuire, founder and CEO of Diversely, came in to talk to me about how their product uses technology to help organisations bake in diversity from the very top of the recruitment funnel.

Making a Dent in Inequalities

Headshot of Alfred Nelson

Alfred Nelson is the Integration Co-ordinator and chair of the Embrace network at the Growth Company. I was excited when I came across Alfred’s work and the Growth Company because it is very much in alignment with the approach that I take to diversity and inclusion in the book that I wrote, Inclusive Growth.

Achieving Diversity and Inclusion Goals with Disability Connect

Photo of Steven Jones

Steven Jones set up Disability Connect which runs a reverse mentoring programme with disabled people that helps organisations achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. In this conversation, we talk about Steven’s reasons for setting up Disability Connect and the range of benefits employees bring back to their organisations from getting involved as a mentee on the programme.

Shining a light on Women in eSports

Photo of Meg Sunshine

Meg Sunshine is an university student and eSport pro gamer who has set up a Women in eSports Network. Through this network and her Diversity and Inclusion Officer role, Meg hopes to help change the toxic culture in this space as well as provide positive role models for upcoming girls and women who want to get into eSports.

The GC Index: an Organisational Game Changer

Dr John Mervyn-Smith

In this conversation Dr John Mervyn-Smith talked me through The GC Index which is the world’s first Organimetric connecting people and business with data that organisations have never had before.

Brave Conversations Opening the Door to the Unsaid

Photo of Helen Farmer

Helen Farmer is a diversity and inclusion and social mobility consultant, activist and speaker. In this episode of the Inclusive Growth show, Helen and I talked about the need to be brave and have frank conversations when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

A is for Acceptance

Photo of Cynthia Fortlage

In this conversation, I spoke with gender identity speaker, consultant and specialist Cynthia Fortlage. We spoke about her lived experience, how it brought her to this work and she shared her insights and unique method, not only of seeing the world, but making it a more inclusive space for all marginalised groups of people.

Leading with Pride – the Gay Leadership Dude

Picture of Dr Steve Yacovelli

Dr Steven Yacovelli is the author of Pride Leadership: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to be the King or Queen of Their Jungle. Our conversation covered his take on diversity and inclusion and we took a close look at the six key areas he covers about leadership in his book.

Brilliant Reasons to Employ Disabled People

Jane Hatton

Jane Hatton is an author who runs Evenbreak which is a jobs site, career service and consultancy for disabled people and employers. I talk to her about why and how to recruit disabled people and we take a deep dive into her latest book covering four key areas that employers really should be thinking about to get more disabled talents into their organisation.