Introducing The Inclusive Business Growth Community…

Our private, diversity-focused professional network will enable your business to flourish into a more inclusive culture

The Inclusive Business Growth Community gives your business and its management team a safe place to explore diversity and inclusion strategies, leverage inclusive growth tools and start meaningful discussions. Think of it like your own private members club – specifically for implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives.
It’s your dedicated space for accelerating progress on your D&I journey!

Successful Workplace Communities Have a Lot In Common…

Being a part of something bigger than yourself - improving equality in society.

Working towards a common goal of a more diverse workplace with your colleagues.

Building skills related to inclusive growth and getting a lot better at what you do.

The safety to be vulnerable, face challenges and find real solutions as a team.

When it comes to inclusive growth, it’s almost impossible to build practices and habits alone. By joining a community, you can work smarter and more efficiently by hearing the stories, experiences and ideas of people on the same path.

What Is The Inclusive Business Growth Community & How Can It Help You Build a More Diverse, Welcoming Culture?

The Inclusive Business Growth Community was designed by Toby Mildon (that’s me!) to help organisations like yours get instant access to the strategies, tools, learning, networking and peer group support to achieve greater diversity and inclusion. It brings together Heads of HR to increase diversity and inclusion in every organisation – all so you can innovate more, increase employee engagement, increase employee retention and improve your employer brand to attract talent.

Embedded in the user-friendly Mighty Networks platform, The Inclusive Business Growth Community serves as a forum where your business can make great strides to break down barriers in the workplace. It’s a place to find content, attend courses and connect with your peers – as well as pick the brains of a certified D&I expert.

Through online discussions, articles, regular posts, webinars and online training courses, Heads of HR and senior leadership teams can start conversations that shape the future direction of your organisation. Toby will be with you every step of the way to provide exclusive knowledge that delivers real, measurable results.

Here’s everything you get when you join…

Private, diversity-centric professional network for your business.

Easy-to-digest blog content and articles.

Concise, relevant weekly newsletter roundups.

Exclusive diversity resources and toolkits.

Access to webinars, online masterclasses and in-person events.

Online training and development.

Meet like-minded people in the same role as you in other businesses.

Interactive community polls and Q&As to introduce and discuss ideas.

Private group areas for topics of interest.

Your own safe space to drive diversity in your business.