I am an amazon best-selling author

It’s been another good week at Mildon HQ despite all of the turmoil around Coronavirus and the impact it has had on my clients.

I am an Amazon best-selling author!

Amazon where selling the Kindle version of my book this week for 99p and I shot up the author charts to #1. I am well pleased!

D&I in VUCA times

This week has been particularly VUCA! Training has been suspended and diversity and inclusion work has ground to a halt as clients form emergency committees to respond to the Coronavirus. This week I reflected on the impact of the virus on diversity and inclusion but actually a big opportunity in flexible working after we get through it.

Are you ready for inclusive growth?

We have seen the biggest dip in the stock market since the 1980s but it will go up again! Is your organisation ready for ‘inclusive growth’ to bounce back faster and harder? I have developed a free scorecard that you can take as a self assessment of your readiness?

Diversity and inclusion on a shoestring

I am developing a series of masterclasses to teach people how they can deliver diversity and inclusion on a shoestring aka. a small budget. Would this be of interest to you? Please register your interest in this training so I can let you know when it’s ready.

The million-pound disability pay out

The Department for Work and Pensions is meant to help disabled people get back into work. In this programme, reporter Richard Butchins discovers that it has lost more employment tribunals for disability discrimination than any other employer in Britain. He investigates why the DWP has paid its own employees nearly a million pounds of public money in both tribunal pay-outs and out-of-court settlements.

Data can answer big diversity and inclusion questions

Before I began working in diversity and inclusion I spent many years in technology working on systems integration for Accenture and Cerner and then as a project manager at the BBC. Much of the work that I do in diversity and inclusion now incorporates technology, user experience and design and innovation in order to scale up inclusive organisations. Cognisess is a software provider I am particularly interested in and featured the company as a case study in my book.

So… Are You Ready To Create a Culture of Inclusive Growth, Build a More Diverse Workplace & Boost Business Performance?

If you want to get a clear plan of action for diversity and inclusion, have greater clarity around employee
experiences and put the right strategies in place to improve retention, innovation, productivity,
profitability and so much more – now’s the perfect time to do it!

Get in touch today and take the first step on your journey to a better business…