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Ignorance causing employers to miss out on UK's disabled talent

Almost half (47%) of businesses think there are not enough candidates with disabilities to successfully maintain a diverse hiring policy, according to research released today (3 January) by disability inclusion business group The Valuable 500.

Avoiding the two-tier workforce in the third workplace

The new world of hybrid working is sometimes referred to as the third workplace. Yet just as firms are having to deal with the ‘great resignation’, they are in danger of unwittingly creating a two-tier workforce

Black grads need backing, not just recruitment

Employers cannot encourage racial equality merely by hiring young black people and hoping for the best

Reasonable Adjustments

The below article is written by Diversity and Inclusion Architect, Toby Mildon. Before establishing his own D&I practice Toby served as D&I Manager for Deloitte and the BBC. Below he shares fascinating insights, from growing up with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and how he never letting it dampen his ambitions to achieve the dream of working for large organisations.

Toby Mildon: Building a culture of diversity & inclusion

Toby Mildon is one of the UK's leading diversity and inclusion architects and author of Inclusive Growth. He helps organizations develop action plans to help them make a lasting, positive difference in the workplace.

New Diversity & Inclusion alliance takes shape, but where is 'Big Tech'?

Intel, Dell, Nasdaq, NTT Data and Snap have all got together to create a new Alliance for Global Inclusion in the sector. But where is ‘Big Tech?

People in ethnic minorities at heightened risk of financial insecurity

​People from black, Asian and other minority ethnic (BAME) communities are more than twice as likely than the UK average to be out of work as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to new analysis from think tank IPPR.

Can workplace diversity change discussions around the dinner table?

Toby Mildon discusses how workplace diversity could influence the way that individuals perceive minority groups, via dinner table conversations

Diversity and inclusion is not just a tick-box exercise

Toby Mildon’s book Inclusive Growth details how businesses can truly implement diversity and inclusion

We need to include disabled people in our conversations about diversity

This sounds really obvious but when organisations talk about diversity and inclusion they often forget to include disability. They talk about the importance of women in leadership and the gender pay gap, the need to include people from an ethnic minority background especially following the Black Lives Matter movement. And June just gone was dedicated to LGBT+ Pride month.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable: Talking about race can be difficult

Toby Mildon explains how talking about race can be difficult but overwhelmingly necessary in the era of #BlackLivesMatter and ongoing police brutality

Diversity fatigue: finding a value that resonates with everyone

Diversity fatigue describes the uphill struggle that equality, diversity and inclusion professionals face everyday.

Dos and don'ts of talking about race in your organisation

Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis racism has jumped up the corporate agenda. But this comes with individual and organisational discomfort. If we don't get comfortable with the uncomfortable, we will never embed sustainable change. Toby Mildon offers practical tips on how to do this

How can business make sure Diversity & Inclusion stays top of the corporate agenda? Learnings from Google, Salesforce and SAP

The killing of George Floyd has put Diversity & Inclusion firmly on the CEO agenda, but how is the tech sector responding in terms of meaningful and lasting change?

Black Lives Matter: now it's time to act

On 25 May there was yet another incident of police brutality where an African-American man, George Floyd, was killed by police officers in Minneapolis.

The role of the CEO in stamping out racism

Workplaces play a really important role in challenging inequalities and racism. Workplaces educate employees on creating a fairer society, which they take back to their families around the dinner table after work.

Neurodiversity in the tech sector - SAP and Cloud9 Insight make it all about the individual

Focusing on individual strengths and minimizing weaknesses is key to creating a thriving workplace for both neurodivergent and neurotypical employees.

Leadership diversity is needed for LGBT+ employees to thrive

More LGBT+ leaders and heterosexual allies are needed if equality is to be achieved in the workplace, according to a report from professional services company Accenture.

Why LGBT+ inclusion isn't just an HR issue

As part of Pride Month, Toby Mildon underlines the importance of inclusive communication.

Diversity and inclusion: what can an empathetic culture bring to business?

A culture of empathy is not only ethically right; it makes good business sense, too.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable – talking about race can be difficult

Addressing racial inequalities can bring up feelings of individual and organisational discomfort.

The diversity dilemma of COVID-19: why diversity and inclusion is more important than ever

Diversity and inclusion haven’t disappeared during the pandemic, so businesses shouldn’t be excused for thinking it.

No diversity strand is untouched by Covid-19: why diversity and inclusion is more important than ever

Covid–19 is a virus that doesn’t discriminate and does not respect international borders. The spread of the virus is actually showing us that we have a lot more in common than we usually admit. The effects of the virus are impacting everybody – from health to economics – without prejudice, as Toby Mildon finds out

No Diversity Strand Is Untouched by COVID-19: Why Diversity & Inclusion Is More Important Than Ever

COVID-19 is a virus that does not discriminate and does not respect international borders. The spread of the virus has shown us that we have a lot more in common than we usually appreciate. The effects of the virus are impacting everybody — from health to economics — without prejudice.

Toby Mildon, D&I architect, on Diversity and Inclusion as a competitive advantage

Toby Mildon on why diversity and inclusion is a C-suite imperative

Don't let diversity and inclusion fall by the wayside

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are key Ingredients of organisational resilience, So businesses must ensure they are not forgotten amid coronavirus disruption

Starling stories: Our Connected card

Toby Mildon, a Diversity and Inclusion expert and author of Inclusive Growth, a business book, ordered a Connected card to help his support workers pay for everyday supermarket shops. He was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a neuromuscular condition that affects his mobility. Most of his shopping can be done online but he needs assistance for local supermarket shopping. “I was really pleased to see Starling had created the Connected card - it gets around a problem a lot of disabled customers face,” he says.

Making Reasonable Adjustments

One of my favourite things about the Equality Act 2010 is the provision of reasonable adjustments for disabled employees. Reasonable adjustments are designed to “remove or minimise disadvantages experienced by disabled people”. However, I believe that reasonable adjustments should be made available to all employees so that everyone can have the tools they need to thrive in their job.

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