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By completing this FREE assessment, you’ll see how your
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Gain Unprecedented Insight Into Your Organisation’s Performance When It Comes To Diversity & Inclusion

The Inclusive Growth Culture Programme is a dedicated, flexible course built by me, Toby Mildon, with a laser focus on helping tech companies create a positive culture that improves engagement, retention, productivity and performance.

In this FREE Diversity Assessment, we’re going to help your workplace take the first step to establishing, evolving and enhancing its D&I initiatives by giving you a snapshot of how your business is performing against the programme’s 7 key metrics…


Do you understand the importance of diversity and inclusion? Are you using the right language? Are leadership teams taking responsibility for building an inclusive culture?


Have you prioritised culture over tactics? Do you understand how organisations can define and create their own inclusive culture that stands the test of time?


Are you treating diversity and inclusion like any other change programme within the organisation? Have you taken the right steps to driving long-term results?

Colleague Experience

Are your systems and processes inclusive or do they need to be re-engineered? How close are you to being able to “hardwire” inclusion into your organisation?


Is your workplace leveraging the power of technology to create more inclusive recruitment processes? Are your systems accessible? Can you do better in certain areas?


Is your business working with others in the industry to create inclusive workplaces? Are you working as a whole organisation on the diversity and inclusion agenda?


Are you communicating inclusion successes and best practices effectively? Do you show how important inclusive workplaces are to the public and prospective employees?

With This Information, You Can Learn How To Deliver a Sustainable, Diverse & Inclusive Workplace That Thrives Ethically & Commercially!

Once you’ve received the results of the FREE Diversity Assessment, you’ll have a snapshot of your
business that helps you identify your current bottlenecks and show you exactly how to solve them.
Think of it as the first step on your D&I journey!

These results can serve as the foundation for any diversity and inclusion initiatives implemented by
your workplace, with the end goal of influencing real, measurable and systemic change. Together,
we can achieve all of THIS and more…

Strategically align diversity and inclusion to organisational growth

Work as a whole organisation rather than in HR isolation

Change your culture and motivate senior leaders to ‘walk the talk’

Celebrate your inclusivity and become an employer of choice

Design and implement a sustainable inclusivity infrastructure

Build a better, more inclusive business world for everyone