Introducing Toby Mildon (that’s me!)... of the UK’s leading diversity and
inclusion architects!

If you’re looking to build an inclusive culture of thriving, happy
employees – I’m here to make it happen.

Using my tried-and-tested D&I framework, I work with Heads
of HR to deliver a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace.

With my help, you can boost employee engagement, retention and productivity!

I’m the inclusivity expert with professional and lived experience

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s this. I’m incredibly passionate about diversity and inclusion. And to be honest, it’s been my life for as long as I can remember! I’ve dealt with inequality in my career and my personal life – building an understanding of just how powerful diversity and inclusion can be along the way.

Of course, I’m driven by my own experience and my belief that we all have a place in this world. But I’m also driven by the evidence that building a culture of inclusive growth can genuinely help organisations thrive. Learning to cultivate a workplace where everyone feels welcome and empowered is more important than ever.

Learn from someone who’s spent their life championing equality

How can you tell that I’m the right person to drive your business forward? Well, because I’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest companies – including the BBC, Deloitte, Sony and HarperCollins Publishing – to improve staff retention, brand innovation, productivity, performance and so much more. D&I is the key to success!

That’s why I created my Inclusive Growth Culture Programme, so businesses just like yours can reach new heights. If you represent a company with more than 250 employees (or you’re expecting to grow to this size), I’m here to stop the box-ticking, media-stunting, lip-service diversity initiatives and help you implement real change.

I want to be a part of your story… But first, here’s mine!

I was born in rural Somerset and was soon diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disability – Spinal Muscular Atrophy – something that would shape my life forever. It would play a bigger role than I ever imagined, especially in my career!
I was desperate to enter the workforce like my friends but encountered my first instances of prejudice and bias as a disabled person. A local bank manager saw my potential, though, and gave me the opportunity to work part-time for Lloyds Bank.
As part of my University degree, I started an internship at British Airways. Travelling is something I still love doing to this day! You won’t see me happier than when I’m on a boat, a train or a plane heading off to somewhere new.
I made my first moves in the digital technology industry. I graduated from University with a business degree and joined Accenture as an IT consultant. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would be the start of my journey to where I am today!
After cutting my teeth at Accenture, I moved to
Cerner as a senior project manager. My role was to implement software into hospitals across the UK in the worlds largest healthtech transformation
programme at the time.

I moved to the BBC to become a project manager in technology, working mainly on user experience and design. But, more importantly, I got my first taste of professional diversity and inclusion, chairing The BBC Ability Disabled Staff Forum.


Whilst at the BBC, I came out as gay and began to speak openly about our intersectional human experience. I also became a certified executive coach, helping my colleagues reach their full potential (skills I use with my clients today!)

A few years later, I started working on diversity and
inclusion in a formal capacity within the BBC
technology department. I absolutely loved it – and I
was good at it! I moved into this role on a full-time basis
across multiple BBC departments.
My experience at the BBC had given me an incredible opportunity to make diversity and inclusion my career. And, soon after, I had the chance to join Deloitte as a diversity and inclusion manager within the firm. Talk about a no brainer, right?

By now, I knew that promoting diversity and inclusion in business was what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. So much so, that I set up ‘Mildon’, my own D&I consultancy. I even wrote my own book, ‘Inclusive Growth’, available on Amazon!


Today, I work with clients across the UK to build more inclusive cultures. My ‘Inclusive Growth Culture
Programme’ is designed to help companies with more than 250 employees create diverse workplaces
where everyone feels welcome and empowered. Just like I did.

So… Are You Ready To Create a Culture of Inclusive Growth, Build a More Diverse Workplace & Boost Business Performance?

If you want to get a clear plan of action for diversity and inclusion, have greater clarity around employee
experiences and put the right strategies in place to improve retention, innovation, productivity,
profitability and so much more – now’s the perfect time to do it!

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